It’s Where You End Up!

It’s all about where you end up, not how you get there… Well not exactly! My life has ended up in an entirely different place than I had ever imagined! Or has it?

I wanted to be rich, famous, successful… yada, yada yada! Well, Google my name and I come up on the first page, picture and everything. Does that count? I’ve gone from singing and playing on stages all over the world, to running some of the biggest tours in the music industry. I also think I was put there for a reason. Maybe! I’m not even sure how it happened. Well yes I am…

Today I’m famous in a different way. My darling Emma thinks I’m the biggest star in the world. Well, next to Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Prince Charming and… You get the point. Rich? Not the way some equate it but I am rich in love and happiness. When my wife Tina smiles at me, in that moment, I am the richest guy in the world. She fills me up!! Successful? Yes! Because I’m still standing! Those of you that know my story understand the walk, the climb and the journey that has brought me from the darkness into the light!! I have been on this trip for quite some time. Always wanting a wonderful family to share in my success. But, I have found that it is that very thing, my wonderful family, that is my success. Oh Yes, I am successful beyond all measure! I owe all of this to, of course, God. My companion through all of it. the one who, beyond explanation, has never left me.. Never. I am so very blessed! I love my life.

I guess I ended up exactly where I am supposed to be! I love my life!!


One comment on “It’s Where You End Up!

  1. Suzanne Castellon
    August 26, 2015

    Todd, You are such a blessing to so many!

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