My Father…And The Holiday Stories

There is not a time, not ever, that the holiday’s come ’round and I don’t think of him. And so it goes, on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, he would wake me up, EARLY!, and say “come on Tadpole, it’s time”… And the day of preparation and cooking would begin! Of course, he would have been up before me so the smells of the holiday would already be filling our home. And he would have the plan for me all laid out, chop, stir and, YES!, taste!!!!! It was Amazing! The meal was just the by-product of our day together! I loved it! I still do!! The memories of those days have stayed with me just like he has!

He came into my life well after my life had begun. Although, I will say, his coming into my life is really when I tend to have the stories I tell to this day.   I always tell them. My family has heard them a million times. I’m sure they get tired of hearing the tales but I never get tired of telling them. They keep him with me…He was a simple man who loved Nat King Cole and fishing. He taught me how to appreciate great music and how to tie a leader. He taught me how to do a job right the first time and how to always speak well of others! He was, and to this day is, the best man I’ve ever known!! And he saved me!!

His name was Knox.  Ok William Knox Osborne, “like Fort Knox without the money” , he would say. He was my Step Father but to me he was, and is, my dad! I was his son and he showed me that every day of our life together. He actually never took it for granted. I know at times he questioned our relationship because he was so unassuming! But no doubt, to me, he was my Father!! I miss him so much.

This holiday season is no different. He is on my mind constantly. I am telling the stories and I’m cooking the food! I now have my own children to tell the stories to! Lucky for me, and Knox, I have my darling 2 year old Emma to start telling the stories to. Knox would have loved her beyond words, like I do, and she would have never been able to get enough of him!! I know he’s watching and is with us. I can feel it. I can tell her all the stories because she hasn’t heard them yet! So Amazing! How Lucky am I?!! More that I can describe!!!!!

Happy Holiday’s to you… And to you Knox!

I love you,


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