“Life is what happens while you’re makin’ plans”

I have so much to do! All the time!! Every day seems to get going and before you know it it’s time to say good night! I remember, years ago, a friend of mine said to me “I woke up today and all of a sudden I’m 30 years old!!”. “Where did the time go?” Yeah!!! Exactly!!!!

I’ve been married for 4 and a half years. My beautiful wife Tina and I have been together 7 years. WHAT??!!?? We have a wonderful family and the sweetest little baby girl, Emma (2 and 1/2), that you could ever hope for. But, time and life just keep rollin’ along! Dammit!!
I love the lyric “Life is what happens while you’re makin’ plans”… When Emma came along something shifted in me. Life kept moving but I wanted, no I needed, to slow down. I didn’t want the life I saw my parents living. Moving through life and occasionally, when things blew up, we would take that “Repair” vacation! But that’s what I knew. I was, and am, determined not to let That my family. I never want them to feel like we don’t have the time for each other. Nope, not me! But it happens sometimes that the day gets away from you… What to do?

So we, Tina and I, changed our life path. I made the move to consulting ( real estate and music industry) and Tina now has her business, shabby chic furniture… It has been scary, I’ll admit. But, there are times when we drop everything just to play with Emma and her ever growing kingdom of princesses!! We take day trips to the Nashville Zoo! We go feed ducks!! Can You say “Frozen On Ice”? We take the time!!!! And by no means do we have this figured out. We still wonder where the time is going. We want to be more productive with our work. But, is that the point of this life? Be more productive with your work? I hope not!!! God has given me so many wonderful moments. I know if I give myself the moments of joy that come from time with my family, I can be more productive. I feel fulfilled in my heart. The work then becomes the thing that gives us what we need so we can do what we choose… We are still figuring it out but for now, we just keep rollin’ with it. it’s out time frame. The plan is not perfect, but sweet, sweet Emma is! That’s Good Enough For Me!
Take The Time!


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