How Did I Get To The Music City Life…

nashville-skyline-nightWhen I first came to Tennessee, back in the eighties, I was leaving South Floirida and a whirlwind life in the provervial “fast lane”. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience outside my little microcosm of playing in the clubs and touring the circuit my band was on at the time. Definitly the typical musicians life… I got a call from an agent in Orlando and he was putting together a big production house band for a club in Memphis. Apparantly the club owner had seen me in the band I was with and wanted me for his new project. MEMPHIS? Was this guy serious? Who would leave South Florida to go to Memphis? Oddly enough I had actually played this club in my travels but why in the world would I even think about Tennessee? They called me for six weeks ank kept asking me to come to Memphis to see what they were putting together. OK, OK I’ll come. I had a vacation and they offered to pay so… So I end up going to Memphis. I discovered Memphis was an AWESOME city, rich with some of the most important social and political history of our nation. Stax was here!!! Who knew? So, I move!!! I fell in love with the city and the people were the most friendly and giving people I had ever met. I moved to Memephis with my car, my gear and a gig that was waiting for me. Every person I met offered me a place to stay and extended that famous Southern Hospitality. My new landlord furnished my appartment for me, with furnishings in her basement leftover from her children’s old college apartments…Well, I have had quite the life since then. I have traveled the world with superstars on private jets. I have lived the typical “Rock and Roll” life, And it almost killed me! Through out my entire adult life I always had Tennesse in the back of my mind… So almost nine years ago, when my life style had pretty much ruined me, I had the idea to return to Tennesse and get myself back. I had no idea what was about to happen! My entire world has changed. I got sober… I have an amazing wife and we have an AMAZING new family. I’m still connected to the music indusrty but I have made the move to real estate. I decided that I really want to help people find what I have found, an new way to live in a vibrant and graceful life. Happiness! The Music City Life has proven to be so much more than the phrase would imply. We spend our days and nights together. Happy. The people here are still giving, friendly and full of that Southern Charm and hospitality that you’ve heard of! Opportunity is abundant and the area is buzzing with energy! The Music city Life is yours to make whatever you choose… Mine is so completely amazing! Come on over ya’ll… Welcome Home!

One comment on “How Did I Get To The Music City Life…

  1. Paulette Boris
    July 18, 2014

    That is so wonderfulTodd! We are so happy for you!

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