Feels Like Home


So Beautiful! Right? She was right there in front me, and all the world, to see! She would walk into a room and it would light up like the 4th of July!!! The air would get thinner, my head would get lighter and my heart would beat so much faster that I thought it might just jump right out of my chest!! But what could I do about it? I couldn’t find the words, or the nerve, to say what I felt!! But we were like two halves of one whole. You know what I mean?  We understood each other. And we believed all of the same things! Everything seemed better when she was around! Well, one day, several months before I actually got up the nerve to do it, I had the bright idea of telling exactly how I felt! And, one day, it just came right out of my mouth in a casual conversation.  She thought I didn’t really care for her that much. Wrong? And I told her I kinda had a huge crush on her… WHAT?!!!! Did I just say that?!!!!!! There was dead silence. What had I done? She just kept saying, “wait, what did you just say?” I thought I had completely blown it.  Well, maybe not! For the next 6 weeks we texted back and forth, oh yeah we lived in different cities, and talked on the phone. I just knew this was it! I was falling in love . But before we turned the world upside down, shouldn’t we at least go on a date and see if we could stand to be in the same room for more that a few minutes at a time? You see, I had been producing songs on her daughter for a couple of years and we had only had a few moments, here and there, together.  We did go out to the Bluebird Cafe with a group of people once, a while back, and that was the night I decided I had to at least put it out there… So, we went out to dinner. She came up to Nashville from Atlanta. I was coming off the road from a run of shows out in the mid west. I went to pick her up at her hotel. For the first time, in a very log time, I was nervous!!! I knocked on her door. She answered and invited me in. I walked over to her and gave her a HUGE kiss! I thought I’d really sweep her off her feet. She left me feeling weightless!!!! We got outta there and went to dinner!!! When we got out of my truck, she took my hand my hand to walk across the street. IT FELT LIKE HOME! We have been together ever since. This year will be 7 years. We’ve been married for 3 and a half years and we have a beautiful 2 year old named Emma!!! We live in suburbia and I left my life as a touring professional to do Real Estate and Entertainment Consulting! My life has never been better! I am home!!! Now she and Emma both  make my heart beat so fast I think it’s going to jump right out of my chest. And I spend my days helping people find what I have found. HOME!

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