Man, I Love This Kid!!!







I thought I had it all figured out! I was gonna be rich and famous. I spent years trying. I ran head first into every wall there was to run into. I even built really big sturdy ones and ran myself into those!!! It only took most of my life but I found out that “I” am NOT in control!!! So, 8+ years ago I got sober. “WHAT”!!!!! Yep. And those of you who knew me before are probably picking yourselves up off the floor… HA! Well, EVERYTHING changed. I have a whole new way of living and I have been given a second chance. As you can see by the picture, I am soooo blessed! That’s My Emma. My Light! My Heart!! We have great days and nights together! And, although she only has about 30 words in her vocabulary, I listen to every story she tells me with the greatest of anticipation!! She has me captivated!!! Breathless!!!!

So, the bonus is I got what I wanted! I am rich, beyond words, with love and happiness! And I’m the most famous guy in Emma’s world…Daddy!!! I must admit it that I never imagined how great being rich and famous could be…


Now I Know!!!  I AM Second!


Talk To You Later,



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