From The Road To The Burbs 2014…

CMC Rocks The Hunter w/Big$Rich...Austrailia 2013

CMC Rocks The Hunter w/Big$Rich…Austrailia 2013

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I think it was the moment I first saw my baby Emma, that I decided to stay put! How could I keep leaving this beautiful little miracle? No Way. I mean after traveling my entire life I was really going to settle down and stay at home. WHAT?!!! HOW?!!!! I knew when I met my wife, and we eventually got married, that my life was changing for the better. But I needed to make some changes. What could I possibly do? I decided to give real estate a go… I met a guy on a plane, you know, coming home from a show. No coincidences for sure! He just happened to own a major Coldwell Banker franchise in Middle Tennessee. Of Course he did! Coldwell Banker Barnes. His name is David Barnes and he actually inspired and encouraged me to get my real estate license, which I had three weeks later, and he gave me a job… So, after spending my entire life in the music business touring, first with my own band as a lead singer and then with major headliners as a tour manager and front of house engineer, I have decided to plant myself in the Greater Nashville Area and be married with children! And I love it! I mean I REALLY LOVE IT!

I still produce independent projects and do management consulting, but I’m giving the real estate business my major concentration. I have access to the best properties in Music City. I definitely know what the discerning music or entertainment client is looking for in a home. Work, play and all the comfort that money can buy… But that’s not the point here my friends. I had a lot of that myself before I met my wife and we had our little miracle Emma. And, quite frankly, I was empty! So when I made this decision to somewhat change careers, it was to help people find more than a new place to live and show off. It was a decision to help people find the right place to experience HOME!! And that’s more than a dwelling, it’s a place to nourish your soul and find your bliss! Oh I know, so melodramatic! But not really, you see it saved me! And it can save you too…  And we can find that place together! I didn’t do it alone and neither should you. So hit me up and we can get started. If you’re ready. Or when you’re ready!!! I’m ready when you are…

Happy New Year!

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