Livin’ The Dream!!


I spent my entire life in the music business, on the road and searching for a place to land! I’ve lived in some of the biggest and most cultural cities in the World.. San Francisco, Atlanta and Nashville to drop a few names!! Music was my passion, in some ways it still is, but I always felt this hole in my being. So I tried to fill it. Mainly with things that were not good for me!! Well anyone really! HAHA! Once I figured out that wasn’t working, and that only took 15 plus years, I had a come to Jesus with myself and found that my life needed to change!! Well, I needed to change. So, I got sober. Great story for another time! I started living differently than I had, EVER, and things started to change. Doors started opening and wonderful things began to come to my!!

I met my beautiful wife, Tina, almost 6 years ago and then everything started to change! Seriously!!!! She showed me how to live and love with transparency… Open and wonderful!  We got married and now I have a beautiful wife and an AMAZING family… Enter Emma! The girl that took my heart and stole it forever!!! My darling baby! I never knew love like this existed… It does for me now!!!

So this big shot got taken DOWN!!!!! Haha… By this beautiful little miracle!!! And we moved to the burbs!!! WHAT???!!! And I love it.

Not what I expected but, yep, I do.

So, from time to time I’mm gonna be on here talking about what’s up and maybe you’ll talk back!

BTW, I am now a REALTOR in Middle Tennessee and I specialize in a few areas of expertise, Single Family Homes. Homes for the music or entertainment industry folks, equine properties (my family was and is in the thuroughbred racing industry) and anything else you may want to see.

So, hit me up!!!

Talk to you soon!!!

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