“You Can’t Alway Get What You Want…”

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you find, You get what you need…” So profound, that Mick Jagger! But, truer words may never have … Continue reading

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It’s Where You End Up!

It’s all about where you end up, not how you get there… Well not exactly! My life has ended up in an entirely different place than I had ever imagined! … Continue reading

August 25, 2015 · 1 Comment

“I’ve Been Through So Many Changes In My Life And Times…”

I have been a part of many things that most people, including me, would think are a pretty big deal. I have sung in front of hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading

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My Father…And The Holiday Stories

There is not a time, not ever, that the holiday’s come ’round and I don’t think of him. And so it goes, on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, he would wake … Continue reading

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“Life is what happens while you’re makin’ plans”

I have so much to do! All the time!! Every day seems to get going and before you know it it’s time to say good night! I remember, years ago, … Continue reading

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Person Of Interest

So you have a dream. You have what it takes. You BELIEVE!! There are only 2000 more people just like you in this town today… So why you? I found … Continue reading

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How Did I Get To The Music City Life…

When I first came to Tennessee, back in the eighties, I was leaving South Floirida and a whirlwind life in the provervial “fast lane”. I didn’t have a whole lot … Continue reading

July 18, 2014 · 1 Comment

Feels Like Home

So Beautiful! Right? She was right there in front me, and all the world, to see! She would walk into a room and it would light up like the 4th … Continue reading

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Man, I Love This Kid!!!

          I thought I had it all figured out! I was gonna be rich and famous. I spent years trying. I ran head first into every … Continue reading

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Revelations And Moments In Life

I used to travel all over the world. I thought my career and all it’s trappings were so important. I thought I had seen, and done, everything. I was blind … Continue reading

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